Work With Me

Come here, my love. Sit with me. Tell me a story.


Share with me your deepest desires, your greatest hopes. your biggest fears.


Let me witness your Self, caress your Spirit, dance naked with your Soul.


Allow me to hold you near - all of you.


The parts you hide from yourself...


...the ugly bits that you wish you could ignore.

...the embarrassed side that refuses to ask for help.

...the shamed pieces that keep you isolated.


Give me all of you.


So that I can hold you near and show you how truly beautiful you are.


All of you. Right now. So very beautiful.


Tell me your story.


Your story may go something like this:


I feel like a fraud. Like any minute now someone is going to realize that I have no idea what I am doing and everything that I have will be taken away from me. I’m too busy making sure that everyone else is happy that I don’t take time for myself. I can’t remember the last time I did something just for me. I really do love my life, but sometimes I wonder who I am doing this all for. What if life could be simpler? What if life could be happier? What if there is more?


Or maybe this is more your tune:


I am a good mom. A good wife. A good friend. A good daughter. A good person. And it isn’t enough. I want more. But I already have more than I deserve, so how can I want more? Isn’t that selfish of me? So many people don’t have what I have. Why can’t I just be happy with what I have?


Or perhaps this sounds familiar:


I walk through life dead inside. On the outside, everything looks great. Nice family. Caring husband. Beautiful home. But I spend my days trying to hold up this “perfect” facade. My life doesn’t feel like my own. Where is the passion? Where is the fun? Where is the sex? Is this all there is to life? I want more.


What if there is more?

Oh, my love. There is more out there for you. For all of us.


More passion.

More pleasure.

And unlimited possibilities.


It’s time for you to heed the call of your heart’s desires and then go for it. To play full out. To say YES to yourself.


Unapologetically You: Live a Life of Passion, Pleasure, and Possibility


Unapologitically You is a deeply intimate and highly intuitive exploration into your greatest source of power, energy, love, and joy.


In 90 days, you will discover ways to bring more ease in your life and achieve greater access to your passion, pleasure, and possibilities.


Things you thought could never be possible will begin to happen the second you decide to say YES to yourself.


It is all about learning how to tap into your deepest desires and unleash your true inner power to create a life that lights you up, overflows with gratitude, and satisfies every aspect of your being.


During our time together, I’ll show you how to...


●       Learn to embody yourself fully

●       Accept and fall in love with yourself first so you can open up to a deeper level of love and intimacy

●       Turn up the volume in all areas of your life (from the yoga studio to the boardroom to the bedroom)

●       Feel seen, loved, accepted, honored, excited, alive, and relaxed - for who you are right now

●       Drop the body battle and up the pleasure in your life

●       Walk through every door with more confidence and less self doubt

●       Find more bliss and expansion than you think is possible

●       Stop the fear of being seen as a fake and let go of the guilt of not being perfect

●       Rediscover what makes you truly happy and fulfilled

●       Be more authentically and unapologetically you

●       And so much more, my love. So much more.


I combine personal experience with years of training and education and my own intuition to transform your entire life, in a relatively short period of time.


The best part is it doesn’t have to be painful or difficult to see real results. Just see what a few of my clients have to say about their experience:


 “Jen has a such a positive and loving energy and a way of making you feel calm and safe enough to reveal your deepest fears and insecurities, which then allows you to confront them. Because of my work with Jen, I have learned to love myself and that has made me easier to love. I have learned that although I may have many goals and projects for my future, I am fabulous today and always have been. “ - Eva B.

“When I started working with Jen, I was in a job situation that was extremely stressful with a boss that was unpredictable and demanding. All of this left me feeling frustrated and even questioning my value as an employee, and I needed to find a way to work through all of those feelings and the accompanying physical symptoms. During my sessions we addressed the underlying causes for my reactions to the situation I was in at the time through both coaching and acupuncture. I came out of my time spent with Jen feeling more confident in my abilities as well as enabled to manage the stress in my life. In addition, I was better able to separate the stress of my boss from the rest of my life and self-confidence.”-Anonymous


So, if you are struggling with “you’re not enough”, fearing things can’t be different, and feeling like just giving up on your dreams and desires, then let me show you how to be more authentically you and still get the love you want and deserve.





Here’s what is included in the Unapologetically You: Live a Life of Passion, Pleasure, and Possibility experience:


  • 90-days of deep personal development with a focus on increasing the level of passion, pleasure, and possibilities in your life
  • Three (3) private monthly sessions with Jen. These 40-minute calls are a deep dive into what you desire your life to look and feel like with actionable steps to bring you want you most want
  • Two (2) group calls a month (optional, but I highly recommend you reach out and connect with the other fabulous women on the same journey). These calls will be fluid and may include hot-seat coaching, question and answer session, celebrations (okay, this one you can count on happening on every call), educational trainings, meditations and guided visualizations, and body movement practices.
  • Access to health and body workshops worldwide by leading experts who have personally had an impact on my life.
  • Email support throughout the 3 months for when you need a little extra love, guidance, encouragement, and cheerleading
  • Monthly gifts mailed to you that support your process (these are so juicy that I don’t want spoil the fun - but trust me, you’re going to love them)
  • Special bonuses (because you are one special lady) -  including access to my favorite Goddesses, magical experts, and sacred leaders
  • A generous discount to my live retreats, with special VIP access
  • And additional goodies as I get the whim (don’t you love impulsive gifts?)


What does a new life have in store for you — a life filled with passion, pleasure, and possibility? What will that life mean for you and your family?


That is an important question to ask yourself as you consider making an investment in not only yourself and your life, but the happiness and well being of those you hold dear.


Unapologetically You 90-day Intensive

is pay in full $3,000 or

3 payments of $1,100.


But more important than what it costs to enroll is this...


What will it cost you and your family if you don’t finally put yourself, your desires, your happiness, your health, your life first so you have more to give them — more love, more patience, more energy, more confidence, more understanding, more laughter, more fun, more intimacy, more passion, more of you?


That is the real cost of this program. You have the opportunity to change what isn’t working.


Right now.


Listen to your heart.

Let go of your story.

Breath. Trust. Surrender.


And say YES.


“Before Jen, I would end my day thinking about all the things I didn't complete. I was spreading myself thin with trying to be there for everyone else that I didn’t have enough  time for myself. With Jen’s help, I learned to say no and that I can’t fix everyone else’s problems (somethings are out of my control). Jen showed me different techniques to find inner peace and healthier ways to eat.

I noticed after working with her I had fewer headaches, the load that I was previously feeling was not as heavy, and that I had more energy because I paid attention to the food I was eating. I enjoyed Jen’s honesty, trust, and the love she has shown in helping me lead a better life. I also love the passion she has when working with people.” -Barbarella B.