My Manifesto

I, Jen Fanning, believe that we are all sacred beings held between Sky Above and Earth Below.


I believe no dream is too big or too small.


I believe that daily dreaming is medicine and magic happens when you share  your dreams and desires.


I believe in leaving it on the dance floor. Playing full out, dancing full out, living full out.


I believe a life beyond our wildest dreams is possible.


I believe when there is pain, the healing begins.


I believe that laughter and tears are equally important and necessary and welcome. Crying it out is a sign of strength, not weakness. We don’t need to be comforted; we need to be witnessed.


I believe that more is more and less is more.


I believe that freedom is an inside job. Really knowing yourself and allowing yourself to show up naked is the only way to be free.


I believe we need to make more room for what we want.


I believe there is enough for everyone to have exactly what they desire. Our dreams do not have limitations. Our dreams do not have expiration dates.


If you want it, it is my job to see you have it. I am a  firm stand that your desires are calling your home. But first, you have to dare to listen.


I believe curiosity and playing are essential to the journey.

I believe there is beauty in your ugly parts and the story of your life deserves to be told.


I am unapologetically me and I am a stand for you to stop apologizing and start being your most authentic and powerful self.


Most of all, I believe in you. I love you. Because you are enough. Your very being is more than enough. It’s everything. And your desires are the key to even more.



Stop hiding.

Stop playing small.

Stop apologizing.

Schedule your complimentary
The Naked Session.”

Start being your most authentic and powerful self.