About Me


In Chinese medicine, the five elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood describe the movement and relationship between different elements and phenomena in nature. One element gives birth to the next, so each element is the mother of the following element and the daughter of the element that preceded it.


In my work with clients, as well as in my own life, the elements offer the body and soul a voice that yearns to be shared. As I was thinking about how I could share my life story with you, I was constantly being guided to allow the elements to tell the story.


Here is my life, as told by the five elements:



My journey to you started with fire, which is the element of passion. I was so passionate about living and loving everything and everyone that I literally burned myself up. I bursted into flames. I was an adult and living like I was married at the age of 13 (I always felt like an adult but I haven’t always acted like one) and even entered college at the age of 15.


I did everything I was supposed to and disappeared - education, concerts, love, fashion, and style. I fully went into studies of the body, movement, and yoga. Even then, I lived life full out and unapologetically.


As with any flame, there came a time when I crossed the fine line and lost myself in the passion of life and the true essence of who I am - burned to ashes and returned to Earth.



I spiraled and worried. I worried about other people’s expectations and didn’t know how to express what I wanted and desired. I gave my power away and followed a  path based on what everyone else wanted for me (or for themselves). What music do other people like? How should my hair be? What does my boyfriend want?


Little did I know the seeds of transformation were being planted so deep into my consciousness and preparing my soul for the impending metamorphose.



No matter how much I did what others expected me to do it, I was never going to be enough. This caused immense fear and insecurity. I felt I was broken. I felt I was in the wrong time period doing the wrong thing. Nothing was ever good enough. I was never good enough.


I feared I was never going to get on track, causing me to seek acceptance, love, and reward in other places. I became severely co-dependent on food and substances, indulging in sex, drugs, rock and roll - you name it. Under-doing in society, in my education, in my relationships. I stopped showing up and disappeared. Completely.


And just as when you plant seeds and water regularly, even though nothing appears to be happening at the surface, deep down radical shifts are happening and new life is being birthed. So it is with my own transformation.



Even with the seeds of change planted and watered, the bud had not yet surfaced. Fear led to deep anger. Anger around not honoring my vision. Disappointment in not listening to my intuition and my calling. Frustration in not having ever looked at my own dreams and visions.


The wisdom in the Wood element is it only takes one spark to light up the dark. One spark can set wood on fire.


And that spark was the birth of my daughter.


My daughter was born and everything shifted - not overnight, but after several years of struggling to become more of me and let go of my mess (and other’s expectations).


Many things came into my life that brought me home to myself - to my own naked truth. To the fact that the only way to be me is to stop pretending.


It turns out that WHO I wanted to become was available when I stopped trying to become thinner, smarter, and cooler.


When I just settled into me and showed up MORE me than what I could imagine (or was ever comfortable with), I lost 90 lbs and found my voice, my style, and a loving relationship.


My passion and purpose showed up in me and my body and it all started when my daughter was born and my mom loved me enough to say, “You can do this. I love you, I believe in you!”


My mom and my daughter gave me a reason to stop pretending, to stop searching, to stop faking it, and to stop hiding and running from me.


I became more me these past 10 years than anytime before.



My journey into the joy of being the woman I am today has been a lifelong learning experience. I believe what I have lived and learned can positively impact not only my friends and family, but my clients and community.


I am here to be of service to any woman who has lost her way.


If you feel you are playing by someone else’s rules, or you are toning yourself down, or pretending to be something your not so you can get the right job or new friends or the perfect body...


Stop take a deep breath and let go of pleasing others.


Because the world needs you to be true - unapologetically and unabashedly you.


 “When I started working with Jen, I was in a job situation that was extremely stressful with a boss that was unpredictable and demanding. All of this left me feeling frustrated and even questioning my value as an employee, and I needed to find a way to work through all of those feelings and the accompanying physical symptoms. During my sessions we addressed the underlying causes for my reactions to the situation I was in at the time through both coaching and acupuncture. I came out of my time spent with Jen feeling more confident in my abilities as well as enabled to manage the stress in my life. In addition, I was better able to separate the stress of my boss from the rest of my life and self-confidence.”-Anonymous


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I, Jen Fanning, believe that we are all sacred beings held between Sky Above and Earth Below.


I believe no dream is too big or too small.


I believe in leaving it on the dance floor. Playing full out, dancing full out, living full out.


I believe a life beyond our wildest dreams is possible.


I believe we need to make more room for what we want.


I believe that more is more and less is more.


I believe that freedom is an inside job. Really knowing yourself and allowing yourself to show up naked is the only way to be free.


I am unapologetically me and I am a stand for you to stop apologizing and start being your most authentic and powerful self.


Most of all, I believe in you. I love you. Because you are enough. Your very being is more than enough. It’s everything. And your desires are the key to even more.


“Jen has such a positive and loving energy and a way of making you feel calm and safe enough to reveal your deepest fears and insecurities, which then allows you to confront them. Because of my work with Jen, I have learned to love myself and that has made me easier to love. I have learned that although I may have many goals and projects for my future, I am fabulous today and always have been. “ - Eva B.

“When I met Jen, I didn't think I had any challenges. But the main reason I said yes was because of her unconditional love of sharing what she knows with just about anyone. She has a passion to heal not only me, but my whole family, her community, and the world! Jen is a gift of magic to anyone who crosses her path and her humility and graciousness are my favorite attributes.” -Necilia S., wife and mother of 3


Want to see how I can support you in having a life you never imagined possible?


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Inside each and every one of us contains a set of unique gifts that only we can deliver to the world, but only those of us lucky enough to have uncovered its magic are able to share it with others.


My gift is the ability to stand for you - every piece of you, even when you don’t feel safe or feel you have fallen from grace or have been told that you are too much to handle.


Nothing is too much for me. The Universe has made sure of that.


I will never leave your side. I will honor you, witness you, hold you near, love you for exactly who you are right now, as well as the woman you wish to become.


I combine my expansive education in Eastern Ancient Medicine with my own personal experience  (yoga and acupuncture and acupressure and nutrition) and deliver it through all expressions of the Feminine in all areas of inner work, including breathing, dreaming, writing, moving, playing, comedy, body work, and exercises that are unlike anything else. My practices are unique to me and you. This is not a cookie cutter experience or something that is commonly offered by coaches and bodyworkers today.


At the heart of how I work is my ability to create a space where you are given the opportunity to be the fullest expression of yourself. I invite you to be bigger than your desires. To uncover and share all of you with the world. To be unapologetically you.


That is your birthright.




 “Jen treated me for several months while I was struggling with the long-term consequences of an abusive childhood and eating compulsions unrelated to any actual need for food (it was what was eating me; not the other way around). Jen uniquely understood and reached in me something that I could never have gotten from anyone else.” -Eileen F.

 "Before my sessions with Jen, I suffered with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, which were limiting my ability to parent effectively, do my job with ease, and enjoy life more fully. My sessions with Jen are intensely calming sometimes and vigorously energizing other times. She always knows what needs to be addressed that day and cares deeply for those around her.” – Nicole C.

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