You, my sacred one, are destined for more.


Your desire for a more spacious way of doing where grace and ease are yours is an invitation to come home - to be fully seen and loved for who you are.

Your hunger for more — a life filled with joy and passion, with dancing and laughter, with elegance and simplicity — this life is meant for you. No guilt necessary. It is your birthright.


It is time to open yourself up to the possibilities of more; to being seen and felt and heard and loved. Open. Authentic. Naked.


To move past impossible into the world of boundless bliss so you can live a life of passion, purpose, and possibility.

To remove the weight of society’s shoulds, woulds, and coulds so you can finally stand on your own - in your own light and on your own terms.


It’s your time, beautiful.


My name is Jen Fanning and I work with women who are ready to let go of feeling guilty of wanting more so they can find their way back to their naked truth, which is that they are enough and they deserve more. So much more.


If this is you, please know there is an easy way to get there (if you know the way).


By being unapologetically and unabashedly you.


Embracing your true self doesn’t have to be a difficult, lonely, boring, draining, painful, or lengthy journey.


And with me by your side, you’ll feel supported, guided, and all loved up - plus have access to all of my knowledge, experience, skills, tools, and energy to open your life up to unimaginable joy, love, pleasure, and play.


I am a fierce dream holder, possibility seeker, transformation catalyst, and passionately committed to helping you live boldly, love deeply, and be unapologetically you.


Experience how I can stand for you and all of your possibilities.


Schedule a complimentary “The Naked Session” to help you strip away the fears that are holding you back, free your dreams from the impossible, and release your truest desires so you can stop hiding and start being your most authentic and powerful self.


 “Before Jen, I would end my day thinking about all the things I didn't complete. I was spreading myself thin with trying to be there for everyone else that I didn’t have enough time for myself. With Jen’s help, I learned to say no and that I can’t fix everyone else’s problems (somethings are out of my control). Jen showed me different techniques to find inner peace and healthier ways to eat."

"I noticed after working with her I had fewer headaches, the load that I was previously feeling was not as heavy, and that I had more energy because I paid attention to the food I was eating. I enjoyed Jen’s honesty, trust, and the love she has shown in helping me lead a better life. I also love the passion she has when working with people.” -Barbarella B.



Stop hiding.

Stop playing small.

Stop apologizing.

Schedule your complimentary
The Naked Session.”

Start being your most authentic and powerful self.


“Jen is a loving, kind, and non-judgmental coach with a variety of healing modalities to choose from to help her clients. From acupuncture, to essential oils, to nutrition, she can truly offer her clients the best solution to fit their unique needs.” -Anonymous


 “Jen has been an amazing role model for me since day 1! Seeing her living her passion and her dreams has always inspired and encouraged me to push through and make it happen in my own life. And her continued support has done the same.” – Nina B., Love Dynasty LLC


 Jen is so wise and has such a different outlook than most health coaches I've met. She lives her coaching and shares with others, not just tell others what they SHOULD do. I love that! Jen introduced me to caring for my body more than I ever had.” -Lisa Harris